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5 Reasons to Install a Salt Water Pool Conversion Now
May 17, 2021
5 Reasons to Install a Salt Water Pool Conversion Now


Save money AND time- Switch to saltwater!

Have you ever considered a salt water pool conversion? The cost to convert pool to saltwater may be lower than you might think! Let’s talk about the Top 5 Reasons to Install a Salt Water Pool Conversion Now. 


#1: World-Wide Chlorine Shortage

Did you know we’re currently in a world-wide chlorine shortage? Prices have already begun to rise, and soon, it may become very difficult to find the amount you need for clean swimming. Salt, however, is widely available. Deciding now to convert pool to saltwater is a great idea, before summer hits in full force and everyone wants to change their system! 

#2: Maintenance is much easier 

Maintaining your saline swimming hole is so much easier than maintaining a chlorinated system! You won’t need to monitor and add more of this irritating chemical to your pool, because your saline system converts the salt to the needed chlorine automatically. This makes maintenance so much more simple! You’ll still want to check your pool’s water for chemical levels, but you do not have to be pouring in buckets of chlorine to keep it safe and clean. Salt water conversions win when it comes to monthly and annual maintenance!


#3: It’s better for your skin

Liquid, granular, and tablet chlorine are harsh on your skin, much harsher than salt generated chlorine. Saline conversions do still contain some chlorine, but since it is in a naturally generated form, the water is so much more soft and luxurious when you swim! Also, they are not as salty as you might imagine! The salt content is more like human tears than ocean water, so you’ll skip side effects like red, stinging eyes, chemical smell, and dry, itchy skin. Salt water is good for your skin and even has anti-stress properties!


#4: More cost-effective

One of the enormous advantages a salt water pool conversion has is that it’s cheaper! Salt does not evaporate in the same way as chlorine, so you don’t need to add it as often as if you were using a traditional system. It also costs much less; store-bought chlorine costs 3 to 8 times more than salt! The annual cost of maintaining your briny swimming pool goes down to an average of $85; but with rising costs, you’d spend up to $800 or more to maintain a chlorine pool!


#5: They’re Safer


With a traditional system, you need to keep many bags of chlorine or tablets on hand. Storing these chemicals out of the way of children and animals, and out of heat and sunlight is difficult and costly. Not to mention dangerous, especially if kids or pets get into those chemicals!

A salt water conversion system is a safer option! Bags of salt are much safer to have around, and because they aren’t toxic or sensitive to heat or sunlight, you don’t need to worry about children or pets. In addition, you'll need less storage space, because you won’t use as much of it in your pool.

What are your thoughts on a salt water pool conversion? Do you have questions about the cost to convert a pool to salt water? Click here to talk with our pool professionals, and while you’re here, check out some of our awesome pool products like long-lasting pumps, filters, and lighting! 

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    We stand by every job and commit our best every time. If it’s not good enough for our family, it won’t be good enough for yours.