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What to do during a Chlorine Shortage
May 21, 2021
What to do during a Chlorine Shortage


No worries, you can still swim! Simply swap the in-demand chemical for a cheaper (and better!) clean. 

Don’t let the chlorine shortage get you down! We’ll help you rise above the Chlorine Shortage 2021 with these solutions to the Chlorine Tablet shortage.  


What’s this about a Chlorine Shortage?

The United States isn’t only in a lumber crunch—experts tell us we’re also facing a record-setting chlorine shortage!

There are two major factors behind this looming problem. The first can be traced back to COVID-19 and the boost in pool sales last summer as more families sheltered at home, consequently increasing the need for swimming sanitation.

The second is more surprising- In August 2020, a chlorine plant in Louisiana burned down, disrupting the supply and production. Although the manufacturing plant will reopen in 2022, there are just two domestic manufacturers left, and, even if both manufacturers increase production, they’d have to ramp up roughly 50 percent each to fill in the gap during the chlorine shortage! This summer, expect prices to spike 70 percent, compared to 2020. For example, if your average 50-pound bucket used to cost $75 to $85, it now costs $140 and will probably hit $158 in the near future.

What should you do about it?

While there’s not much we can do about the lack of cleaning supplies, you can make some swaps and lessen its effects on your swimming habits and checking account! There are other methods for maintaining clean, algae-free swimming. Read on for suggestions on how to beat the Chlorine Shortage 2021.

Alternative #1: Bromine 

Bromine is a sanitizing agent that kills algae and other gross stuff in your pool. It’s a little more expensive, but also a little less irritating than chlorine. Bromine is the only alternative that doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment.

Bromine arrives as sodium bromide, usually powdered, with specific instructions for the right amount to use for your pool size. Be sure to test for pH before adding any to your pool, and you can periodically “refresh” it with a small amount of household bleach.


Alternative #2: Saltwater

A Saltwater pool conversion works by salting the water and then using a generator to turn it into chlorinated water at a very slow rate. The resulting water is slightly salty, gently chlorinated, and 100 percent safe. The small amount in the water isn’t harsh, meaning you’ll skip the red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin as well as the chemical fumes! Saltwater is calming, and has anti-stress properties, and it’s easy and safe to store. Since you don’t need a lot, you won’t need a large space for storing pool supplies.
Although there is an upfront cost for the generator and the installation, ongoing costs are so minimal it pays for itself quickly. And with the rising costs because of the shortage, you’ll start saving money right away. 


Our Recommendation : Convert your pool to Saltwater today

Saltwater is definitely our recommendation as it has so many benefits as an alternative to chlorine. 

  • It is simple and easy to maintain...much easier than a chlorine pool
  • It costs less in overall maintenance
  • Salt doesn't have the same chlorine shortage issues being dealt with across the country
  • Your skin (and your family's skin) will thank you.  It is not nearly as harsh at traditional chlorine sanitization


Beat the Shortage Now!

If you’re considering one of these alternatives, you should make the switch now before costs go up. Buy enough chlorine now to keep on hand to use until you have your backup plan in place, and consider buying a little extra to keep on hand for emergency cleaning.  If you’re considering anything that needs installation and additional equipment, we recommend scheduling that with your pool professionals right away, while their schedules are still flexible, so you can start saving $ immediately!
The shortage may have caused some inconvenience, but it’s a great opportunity to look at your ongoing costs and make the switch to something more economical and safe!

Contact our professionals for tips and advice for your pool and situation, and while you’re here, check out our awesome products like pool and spa lighting, jets, and more!

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