Swimming Tips For Beginners
June 13, 2022
Swimming Tips For Beginners

If you’ve just started to learn how to swim, you may be feeling overwhelmed! Swimming is an essential skill to have and learning how to do it does take time. These swimming tips for beginners will help you succeed.

Swimming tips for new swimmers just getting started.


Whether you live near the water, have access to a pool, or want to incorporate a new type of exercise into your routine, it’s vital to learn how to swim. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but it could also help save your life in an emergency. Many people learn this skill as children, but if you’re an adult swimming beginner that’s okay too!

Swimming boasts so many benefits. It’s a great way to exercise, blow off steam, and who doesn’t like lounging around in a pool? In order to do these types of activities safely, there are some basic skills that you need to learn. 

And as with any new activity, be sure to consult a local professional or instructor to learn the best swimming techniques for your specific needs!

Tip 1: Learn To Be Comfortable In The Water

First things first: you need to feel comfortable in water if you want to learn how to swim. If you’re afraid to get into a pool or in any sort of body of water, this is the first step toward swimming. Start slow — in the shallow end of a pool, try to enter until the water hits your knees. Your aim should be to keep going until you feel comfortable enough for the water to reach under your chin.

Next, try floating on your back. You can ask a friend or loved one to spot you if that makes you feel safer. Once you feel comfortable enough with these simple skills, you’ll be ready to start learning how to swim.

Tip 2: Take Things Slow

When you’re just getting started, you shouldn’t try to do anything fancy. Save the butterfly and backstroke for later. You’re going to want to begin with simple strokes such as the breaststroke, and even the “doggy paddle.” This is especially true if you’re still getting your bearings and becoming comfortable in the water. 

Your first goal should be to remove your feet from the bottom of the pool without panicking. Move your arms slowly in order to help yourself float. Don’t worry about how streamlined your strokes are at first. The ability to float while moving your arms and legs is the only thing you should be worried about!

Tip 3: Make Sure You Have The Right Gear

You’ll feel more comfortable in the pool when you invest in the correct gear. This includes a swimsuit that you feel good in and that isn’t restrictive, plus goggles to keep water out of your eyes. You can even take things a step further and wear a swim cap to keep your hair in place.

You can also use pool accessories to help you when you’re learning how to get better at swimming. Items like noodles and small swimming kickboards that you can hold onto as you float can help give you the confidence you need to keep going.

Tip 4: Take Lessons With A Pro

Once you’ve become more comfortable in the water and have picked up your gear, it’s time to take lessons with a trained professional! Most local public swimming pools have lessons available for all ages. If you have a YMCA in your town, you may want to check there too. You can opt for private lessons or learn in a group. Whatever works best for you!

As with most things, having an accountability partner for support can work wonders when learning how to swim. Partner up with a friend who also wants to learn how to swim and take lessons together. If you don’t know anyone who you can bring along with you, that’s okay too. Ask a loved one if they mind checking in on you to make sure that you’re keeping up with your lessons. It can act as a great motivator! 

Tip 5: Test Out Your New Swimming Techniques

After you’ve taken a few lessons, it’s time to test out your skills! Remember: you should still take things slow in the beginning. As they say, you can’t run before you learn how to walk, and the same goes for swimming. You won’t be able to take on complicated swimming moves until you’re a master at the basics. 

Now that you know how to get better at swimming, the ball is in your court! Keep practicing and keep pushing yourself and you’ll be able to bust out a butterfly stroke in no time.

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